Announcing the winner of the Netigate World Cup Quiz 2014

We hereby proudly present the winner of the Netigate World Cup Quiz 2014. The winner is... Michelle T from Stockholm! Michelle did not only win the quiz but was also the only one of the last Top 5 contenders who held Germany as World Cup Champions. When Michelle came by the Netigate office to pick up the prize, an iPad Mini, we took the opportunity to ask her a couple of questions. Read More »

Five effective ways to increase your survey response rate

Getting as many people as possible to answer your survey is a challenge, but there are ways to motivate people. Here is a collection of five posts that in different ways tells you more about how to create surveys that will get a higher response rate! Read More »

Five easy ways to create better surveys

If you want to succeed with surveys, get as high a response rate as possible and make sure that the respondents understand everything in your survey there are a few things you need to think about. Here are five things that you should keep in mind when creating surveys. Read More »

Participate in the Netigate World Cup-Quiz – win an iPad mini!

Finally it is time for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil! Bet the outcome of the 48 group stage matches (Group A-H) and answer questions about the FIFA World Cup for your chance to win. May the best player win! Read More »

An unheard opinion is worse than a bad customer experience

On a flight between Berlin and Stockholm, our CEO Tobias Thalbäck experienced not only bad service, but also how it feels when you as a customer are not being listened to. Read more about how the airline company handled the situation and Tobias’ thoughts about the importance of closing the feedback loop – not only to listen to your customers, but also to let them know that they have been heard. Read More »

Tip: How to use yes and no questions properly!

Surprisingly common in surveys questions are formulated so that they can only be answered with a Yes or No. In the fact-based questions, it is usually an obvious answer, but in surveys, the questions are often a bit more complicated. The yes or no questions are especially important to ensure that the issue cannot be misunderstood. Our survey consultant Sakarias Fasth tells us more about what you should consider and avoid when writing survey questions. Read More »

How the Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) works and how to use it

Employee Satisfaction Index is a method used to get an overall idea of how satisfied employees are with their workplace. The procedure is built on three questions that are developed to visualize in-house satisfaction in a way that is easy to measure and present to employees. The questions are produced so that they can be applied to all sorts of companies and industries. Read More »

Online research with answers from panelists

The goal of market and public research is to get a clear picture of for example what customers or other target groups think about a specific topic. The more knowledge you have, the better and more well-founded decisions you can make. With the right information it is also easier to aim communication efforts, improve products or services and to work with perceptions of your brand. Do you have a survey but no one to send it to? Learn more about how you can order answers from panelists, what to think about and in what areas market research can be effective. Read More »

Daily newspapers are losing ground when marketing managers invest in digital channels and content marketing

Four times a year, Netigate and Dagens Media (Sweden's leading industry paper within marketing and media), conduct the Marketing Manager Barometer, where marketing managers in Sweden are asked about the economic climate, how they spend their marketing budget, what the most important trends are and much more. The results from the Q4 2013 study show that marketing managers shift their advertising money from newspapers to digital channels. 60% of marketing managers will enhance their digital ad budget for 2014 and mobile advertising continues to rise. Content marketing is an area that is growing ... Read More »

Employee Net Promoter Score – how engaged are your employees?

Loyal and engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work and their company and they affect other employees and customers. They power up your business as they provide better customer experiences, create energy within the organisation and come up with new ideas to improve for example products, services or processes. eNPS is a method to easily and quickly find out how willing employees are to recommend their employer as a workplace. Basically it is built on one single question distributed through an online survey where employees answer how likely they would be to recommend their employer as ... Read More »

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