Online research with answers from panelists

The goal of market and public research is to get a clear picture of for example what customers or other target groups think about a specific topic. The more knowledge you have, the better and more well-founded decisions you can make. With the right information it is also easier to aim communication efforts, improve products or services and to work with perceptions of your brand. Do you have a survey but no one to send it to? Learn more about how you can order answers from panelists, what to think about and in what areas market research can be effective. Read More »

Daily newspapers are losing ground when marketing managers invest in digital channels and content marketing

Four times a year, Netigate and Dagens Media (Sweden's leading industry paper within marketing and media), conduct the Marketing Manager Barometer, where marketing managers in Sweden are asked about the economic climate, how they spend their marketing budget, what the most important trends are and much more. The results from the Q4 2013 study show that marketing managers shift their advertising money from newspapers to digital channels. 60% of marketing managers will enhance their digital ad budget for 2014 and mobile advertising continues to rise. Content marketing is an area that is growing ... Read More »

Employee Net Promoter Score – how engaged are your employees?

Loyal and engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work and their company and they affect other employees and customers. They power up your business as they provide better customer experiences, create energy within the organisation and come up with new ideas to improve for example products, services or processes. eNPS is a method to easily and quickly find out how willing employees are to recommend their employer as a workplace. Basically it is built on one single question distributed through an online survey where employees answer how likely they would be to recommend their employer as ... Read More »

Summary: Netigate’s employee report 2013 Sweden

For the sixth consecutive year, Netigate is proud to release the largest aggregated employee report in Sweden. Based on the results from Netigate’s Employee Survey 2013, the report is generated from web conversations with more than 7000 employees at 62 different employers. It can be used as an excellent benchmark to compare your own company results with, but also to use as an indicator of what employees in general think about their current work situation. Read More »

5 most important survey trends marketers should know about 2014

Consider your online behavior today compared to 10 years ago. In what way has it changed? How much media, such as online newspapers, YouTube or on-demand web TV do you consume on a daily basis? How many hours do you spend on reading through your different social media feeds? I would be very surprised if your amount of time spent online is less today than just a few years ago. Our online habits have changed our world radically and so has the world of online surveys. 2014 will be no exception – the development of online surveys will continue and become a natural part of almost every organisation... Read More »

Mobile and in real-time – modern possibilities of utilising surveys in the context of events

With online surveys you can obtain valuable information for the planning and execution of your events. The application areas and forms here are diverse and extend far beyond the classic event feedback questionnaire. Find out more here about how you can optimally utilise the possibilities of online questionnaires, in order to realise events with even greater success. Read More »

To consider when using images in your surveys

You may be familiar with the expression "a picture says more than a thousand words". An expression that is very useful when discussing the importance of images in surveys. Even though a study containing images looks more vibrant, it can also pose a risk as the images can have an impact on how the respondent chooses to answer. This post is the third in a series of five where I, Sakarias Fasth, research consultant at Netigate, help you find the path to the perfect survey. Read More »

How to increase the response rate and strengthen your brand with well-designed survey templates

Everything you communicate to your customers, target groups or employees paints a picture of your company. Visually pleasing and esthetically designed surveys are just as important as when you distribute advertisements, newsletters or invites to an event. The overall impression of the surveys, how they are designed and the feeling they create, is a part of the “picture” you provide of your brand. By putting in some effort to the design, you create a higher value for the respondent and increase their likelihood to answer the survey whole heartedly. Read More »

Using Net Promoter Score – the top customer loyalty metric

Loyal customers are easier to keep, buy more and are more likely to generate new customers for you when they recommend your products or services. To measure customer loyalty – to put a concrete number on how loyal your customer is – Net Promoter Score is used widely. It is an established method used by an increasing number of companies because, among other benefits, it is easy to use and has a direct connection to profitability. Read More »

What is your respondent’s context and why is that important for your survey results?

When you want to know more about your customers’ experience of something they bought or experienced, it is important to know where they were at the moment and how it happened. In this post, I’m going to tell you about things to think about when you evaluate a purchase or an experience. This will make it easier for you to break down the variables and extract more valuable information from your survey results. Read More »

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