Why the customer journey plays a significant role for your business

Identifying and grading your customers’ touchpoints in the customer journey are the first steps to enable you to get a full grip of the customer satisfaction levels in your organisation. Allowing customers to give feedback and speak their mind along the way will help give you a full understanding of the customer experience and a great foundation on which to grow and improve your business. Read More »

5 pointers to consider if you REALLY want to measure customer feedback

Successful businesses put their customers at the centre of their corporate culture and they always start with the customer’s best interest in mind when developing processes, products or services. Customer data can help you better understand and use segmentation to identify your best customers. Product and service development should always be made for the best customers – they are loyal and engaged in what you do. But you need to be attentive and listen closely to what your best customers have to say, otherwise they will feel disregarded and will soon be found in your competitor’s nest. Here ar... Read More »

Netigate’s 2014 Employee Report – what 10,000 Swedish employees think about their workplaces

Employees throughout Sweden generally have a positive view of their workplaces, but there are also a number of areas for improvement for Swedish managers to tackle. For the seventh year in a row, we are releasing the biggest aggregated employee report in Sweden, which is based on the results of Netigate’s 2014 employee survey. The result is a compilation of responses from approximately 10,000 individuals in 80 workplaces throughout Sweden. Read more about the results and download the report here. Read More »

The final answer to #dressgate is….

The global debate that raged on Friday 27thFebruary now has come to a final decision according to our study. 55% say the dress is white and gold and only 45% believe that the dress is blue and black. Read More »

All Hearts’ Day – we have now picked a winner

Girlfriends, cousins, parents, pets and colleagues. Those are just a few examples of the people we want to woo on Valentine’s Day. Our All Hearts’ Day competition gained a lot of interest and we have now picked a winner. Read More »

Working with e-commerce? How to increase knowledge about your customers using online surveys

When you provide your offer online you lose the personal face-to-face contact you get with customers in bricks-and-mortar stores. It becomes harder to get to know your customers and really understand what they think about the purchase experience and products. Using e-commerce surveys is a great way to start to reduce distance, get closer to customers and initiate an ongoing dialogue. Eventually, surveys will help your company improve in every way, get more loyal customers and increase profitability. Read More »

The quick five-step guide to analysing survey results

Your survey has done its job and the answers have been collected. Now you're standing in front of the results ready to dig for new insights. It can feel a bit overwhelming at first glance, but don't worry – as soon as you get started you will find it quite easy (and probably both fun and a bit addictive too) and we are here to guide you through the whole process. So take a deep breath and jump into our five-step guide about how to become your company's survey analyser pro! Read More »

Stay one step ahead – an API connection can be used to automate feedback management

What is API and how can it help you save time and work more efficiently with feedback from customers and employees? API means Application Programming Interface and makes it possible for one system, for example a CRM system or ERP system, to talk to another system, for example a survey system. This means that a specific event in another system can trigger a survey to be sent out automatically. Read More »

6 steps in planning a survey that will help you avoid the most common mistakes

The better the planning, the better the survey. Spending more time on planning your survey will save you even more time later on. You will have a more reliable result and a higher response rate as good planning helps you discover pitfalls at an early stage, not after the survey has been sent out. Good preparatory work quite simply helps you start off correctly and gives you a clear path to follow throughout the survey work. Here are 6 steps to help structure your survey planning and get going faster. Read More »

Visualise and distribute survey results with infographics

There are numerous ways to prepare and present survey results. If you want to visualise your data easily comprehensible and appealing, infographics provide excellent opportunities to communicate even the most complex or “dry” facts and figures. Well-designed infographics are also ideally suited to generate attention in today’s information overload and to be shared in different social networks. Read More »

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